There is nothing passive about getting the business, career and life you want. 

Coaching brings your awareness to the front and center and gives you a partner to help encourage clarity and action.

Powered by design theory, I’ll bring outside tools and references while always relying on you to be the expert of your own life. You are the litmus test that points us in the direction of where to go, but I’ll be right there to nudge forward toward action.

Important: This is real coaching folks! I will be partnering with you through each session to actively design the right next step with you. I‘m not handing you a curriculum, but actively responding to what you need.

It requires awareness, intentionality and the ability to build strategy to respond to the speed of change.

If you want to ride the waves of change differently, you’re not alone.

You might be: 

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A solopreneuer that is 5 years in and is wondering what the next chapter of business will be.

A marketing executive starting at a new company who knows succeeding as an executive means having a team for thought partnership outside of work.

A higher education career professional who feels it's time to make a change, but has no idea what to do next.

A recently furloughed employee taking stock and making a plan for what comes next.

A spouse who moved for their partner’s work and is now creating their life from scratch in their 40s.

A small business leader who has moved from head creative to leading a team and wants to keep the company strong as they grow and learn.

Instead of fearing change, imagine if instead you were:

Running your own business and designing the next chapter to level up you and your business.

Starting a new career chapter to ensure intentional culture building and performance.

Heading to your second or third career excited to contribute all you’ve learned.

Reacting to the changes of life with a plan to make the most of an unexpected time.

Taking things out of your control and turning them into a catalyst for your satisfaction and success.

Growing your business to not only deliver/make great things but also to create a healthy and supportive culture.

A partnership with me means turning the noise into a strategy. When you recognize that the center/influence of your outcomes (for you, your team and family) is YOU, coaching becomes essential to design your present and future and see it come to life.

Let’s explore how my coaching can help you change your life.

"The truest, most beautiful life never promises to be an easy one. We need to let go of the lie that its supposed to be."

- Glennon Doyle in Untamed

Coaching Offers

When we work together, I’ll ask you to paint a picture of what your life is like right now and highlight the things that are working, aren't working, and what’s coming soon. We’ll focus on your priorities and create a long-term plan to address additional topics.

I will emphasize you taking healthy action keep you moving forward instead of getting stuck in analysis paralysis.

I’ll help you clear away take the fog of overwhelm and so that you get unstuck.

I’ll partner with you so that your role as leaders of your life and business feels less isolating and more collaborative.

We’ll measure the amount of risk that is beneficial for you and the level that is personally and professionally dangerous.

I’ll use change theory, human design theory and current human development research to expand your options on how you act.

All things in isolation are harder to tackle. But in partnership we can create new options and approaches that build resilience and long-term success.

Don't do life and business alone.

Once we decide to work together the process will look like this:

Get to know you

I’ll have you fill out a questionnaire to help us get on the same page. This will help me know more about what you’ve been experiencing, what hope and dreams you have and where you’re experiencing struggles.

I’ll also ask you to send me any additional documentation that you think would be valuable for me to have to learn about you. As a Certified StrengthsFinder coach I often have people take the test as a way to have that information as a tool to bolster all of our future work. 


First Session

Our first session will feel much like all our sessions. I’ll start by asking you questions to get current on what’s happening in your life and work right now. This way we are always attending to the immediate needs as well as the long-game outcomes.

In every session we’ll keep an eye on the top themes that are coming up and prioritize the highest value topics and design a strategy for you.


Take Action

Every session ends with specific next-steps action that is the right-size and right-step for you. This could be really big or it might be really small...that doesn’t matter. The important part of this step is to prototype and test what happens in coaching in your real life.


Increase Clarity

When we meet again, you’ll let me know how the action and testing worked and/or didn’t work. The simple act of testing the actions will increase clarity as I partner with you to get more of what you want and get through the disturbances without losing energy, drive and focus.

And then we keep repeating!


Sample actions:
Do research to know more about an opportunity. 
Have a certain conversation based on our practice .
Taking the first step on a creative project to test the waters.

Happy Clients

"Courtney Conley gained my trust immediately. I had no prior experience with coaching and didn't know what I was getting into, but I knew that I was in a rather comfortable rut and I either needed to change things or at least think critically about why I was in the place I was, and what that meant. Courtney grasped the situation in our first meeting. Her intelligent questions, her active listening skills, and her open, nonjudgmental demeanor have quickly combined to make her just the person I need right now: someone outside the normal mill of my life who knows me and whom I trust to help me build a healthy path forward. She is clearly an experienced professional and is someone whose services I highly recommend."

Working with Courtney has been one of the most impactful and useful things I have ever done for myself. She has helped me in every area of my life. Relationships with myself and others, tools to uncover and process trauma, organizing my business and helping me re-do my business model and even helping me with how to manage my time better. It is the most useful kind of therapy I have ever done."

1:1 Coaching Includes:

Time of calls

Personalized approach designed specifically for you and your needs so you’ll always be working on what truly matters

Safe space to vent about, question, and examine your life and goals

Peace, clarity, and direction

Follow up (is there any follow up?)

Probably add a few more things in here. Try to be concise and focus on the results/transformation


Coaching package 1

12 month commitment

My most popular package/partnership. I have several clients who reup on this year over year. This package is for person that knows that work and life will include innuearable amounts of transition and change and they want a team of resources to be at their best.

30 hours over 12 months of coaching
(can be scheduled 15 minutes segments to to flex to your schedule)  equivalent to about 2.5 hours of coaching but flexible to meet your needs.

Post coaching session notes

Resources and recommendations provided

Access via text and email as is supportive (not counted into coaching time unless the back and forth is extensive)

Coaching Package 2


Coaching Package 2


Coaching Package 2


Coaching Package 2


This package can be a strong choice for newer clients getting acquainted to the commitment to coaching or for those familiar to coaching and want a focused partnership in response to a current project/need. 

Starting or responding to a career change
(job search, furlough, etc). 
New to coaching, investigating the practice of goal setting and human-centered design theory. 
Designing a business model or new company initiative. 

15 hours over 6 months of coaching (can be scheduled 15 minutes segments to to flex to your schedule) 
equivalent to about 2.5 hours of coaching but flexible to meet your needs 

Post coaching session notes 

Resources and recommendations provided 

Access via text and email as is supportive (not counted into coaching time unless the back and forth is extensive) 

$400/month: payment in monthly intervals or all at once. 

Coaching Is For Everyone

200/month for 2 one-hour coaching sessions/month for 6 months 

Post coaching session notes 

Resources and recommendations provided 

Access via text and email as is supportive (not counted into coaching time unless the back and forth is extensive) 

“There is no one way transformation”

Coaching is a practice used for the most innovative and leading minds and professionals. The more that people show up and are driven to design their lives and careers, the more coaching is an integral part of their success. However, in my coaching work I’ve learned that isolating coaching to only those that can afford it minimizes the value of the work for some of those newer in their professional careers, those with careers in less financially lucrative industries or those who have had fewer resources. 

This program will be focused on helping you get clear and focused on a desired outcome and getting yourself to that outcome. 

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